Sunday, April 20, 2008

Agroforestry As An Agricultural Alternative

#2 Ornamental Trees Ornamental trees have a high value when there is a housing boom, because so many new homeowners need to plant landscape trees and shrubs around their property. Under these conditions, savvy nursery operators can make upwards of $20,000 per acre growing nursery stock. Unfortunately, like many commodity-based industries, once the housing bubble bursts, the tree’s resale value diminishes rapidly. The advantage that mixed farming operations have over straight nursery operations, is the trees can have great value as alternative crops producing sap, nuts, fruit and shelter for fields and buildings.

For people interested in growing nursery stock, the best place to start planting is right around the homestead. If the trees cannot be sold to the landscape industry or if the business plan changes, the ornamental trees will provide a never ending source of food for both the landowners and the wildlife, a place of beauty for the residents, and add thousands of dollars of value to the property.